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Interactive NYC Neighborhood Map: Rent-to-Income Ratios

Dashboard with Filters

So you want to rent an apartment in New York City but you’re not sure what neighborhood will give you the biggest bang for your rental buck? The sad answer is that wherever you choose to live, the percentage of income you will need to dedicate to pay that rent is high! How high? That of […]

What a $500,000/month rental in New York City looks like! (Video)

While spending $500,000 a month for an apartment in Manhattan is not in the cards for 99.9999999% of New Yorkers, rents in general are on the rise and the inventory to choose from remains sparse!  In a Fox Business News interview with Miller Samuel CEO Jonathan Miller (@jonathanmiller), the state of the rental market in New […]

NYC’s first modular multifamily high-rise!

For many people the term modular or prefabricated housing conjures up visions of small and generally unappealing structures consisting of a square or rectangular design! And, many years ago, that was indeed the case. But in the single-family residential market the construction and design of these homes has come a long, long way. The Stack […]