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Caveat Emptor When Buying Homeowners Insurance (and Title Insurance too)!

Insurance To Protect Your Home: Educate, Educate, Educate! Whether you currently own a home or will become a homeowner in the near future, more likely than not (and 100% if you have a mortgage) a homeowners insurance policy will be purchased to protect against the damage that can be inflicted by such risks as flood, […]

Insurer Survivability: (More) Unintended Consequences Of ZIRP And NIRP!

ZIRP AND NIRP! For potential property buyers and current owners of property who are thinking of refinancing a mortgage, ZIRP has been, and NIRP may someday be, fantasticmonetary policies! ZIRP? NIRP? For those unfamiliar these acronyms are not the sounds an infant might make but instead are deadly serious policies that are being used by central bankers around the world in […]

Liberty Mutual Ads: Great marketing, somewhat misleading or both? (Video)

First let me say that I am not generally a fan of insurance companies nor an apologist for them either! That said, I do of course certainly recognize the critical need for the services that they provide! A confusing position I know particularly since I own a company that writes title insurance policies for real estate! But […]

Does your homeowners insurance exclude radiation contamination?

title insurance New York

For Americans the nuclear disaster that was set-off by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Fukushima, Japan in March 2011 was a tragic story not expected to significantly impact the United States! Since that time, however, anecdotal evidence suggests that the nuclear waste and radiation flowing from the core of the crippled reactors that has […]

Hurricane Sandy business interruption claim denials could be all wet!

Hurricane Sandy business interruption claims are being denied!

Many companies that thought they were covered for Hurricane Sandy business losses are now finding that their insurance company is telling them that their claims are all wet! Isn’t that just like an insurance company? It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry goes to pick up a rental car only ot find out […]

If a bad winter is on the way, is your business prepared to weather the storm?

For Hallmark Abstract Service or any other business, an unexpected surprise such as a winter storm is never a good thing! If your business was faced with a surprise storm this winter that shut down the power grid or severely hampered your employee’s ability to get to work, would you be ready to cope? This […]

How to protect a law practice from a cyber attack!

Cyber attack, the potential impact and how to avoid one! All company‘s in every industry including title insurance and law face the threat of, and potential losses caused by, a malicious cyber attack! 92% of companies that suffered a cyber attack had losses from a variety of causes including intellectual property and corporate downtime. 84% […]

New Jersey Title: What happens if your title insurance underwriter stops writing policies? | Hallmark Abstract Service LLC – JDSupra

New Jersey Title: What happens if you’re title insurance underwriter stops writing policies? | Hallmark Abstract Service LLC – JDSupra New Jersey Title, an underwriter of title insurance policies in the northeast, has become a casualty of a financial and real estate crisis that has taken many victims. Some of these casualties might never have […]