10 real estate deal killers that buyers AND sellers need to avoid

Avoiding real estate transaction deal killers!

If a qualified home-buyer has found their dream home and a home seller was lucky enough to find that qualified buyer, potential deal killers must be found and stopped!

In today’s real estate marketplace for single-family homes nobody has to tell the seller of a home that the environment is extremely challenging. Deal killers, particularly after the transaction is underway, can be devastating for both sides.

Some of the challenges to selling include supply issues (too many homes on the market), a scarcity of potential buyers, a scarcity of potential buyers who can actually quality for financing and an economy that has people questioning whether this is the right time to take on the financial responsibility of owning a home.

This list provides 10 of the top real estate deal killers that buyers and sellers can face that can and need to be avoided at all costs. Some involve money (i.e. money can solve the problem before it becomes a deal killers) some involve the city or town while some involve more emotional issues that the whole process brings to the surface.

10 of the top deal killers in a real estate transactions

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