Is FSBO the right way to go? (Infographic)

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For some home sellers the temptation to avoid paying a real estate agent a commission for their services may override the multiple benefits that using one provides!

For anyone who is going to be selling a home, the metrics that matter most to them should include the amount of time the house will be on the market before it sells, the ultimate selling price it will fetch and the ease with which the mechanics of the transaction are accomplished.

That said, the urge for some sellers might be to handle the process entirely on their own from the setting of the price, marketing, showing the home, negotiations with potential buyers, vetting those potential buyers for financial suitability and viability, managing the mortgage process and on and on and on.

All of this to save the 2-6% commission that would be paid to a realtor for handling all of those in addition to the other value-added benefits they provide.

But, by going the FSBO route, is the seller in-effect being penny wise and dollar foolish?

Will doing it the FSBO way get them the best price in the shortest amount of time?

Will they avoid going to contract with a buyer who is simply wasting their time and who will never qualify for a mortgage?

Will they price the home right and market it fully so that they are reaching every potential buyer in the marketplace?

This infographic provides some of the statistics comparing FSBO to realtor assisted sales and, after taking a look at it, HAS had written a prior article titled ‘Buying a house? Why you need a realtor!‘ that you can read by clicking on the link.

Infographic: FSBO vs Realtor



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